Treatment of inflammation or infection of the gums

- What is periodontitis or pyorrhoea?
- What are the symptoms of periodontitis?
- How is periodontitis diagnosed?

1. What is periodontitis or pyorrhoea?

Periodontitis (or pyorrhea) is caused by inflammation or infection of the gums (gingivitis). If it's not detected early and treated, it extends to the periodontal ligaments and the bone that supports the teeth. Teeth loosen and begin to fall out gradually; the jaw begins a process of irreparable atrophy.

This disease could have other negative effects such as cardiovascular problems or complications in pregnancy and with diabetics.

2. What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

Periodontitis (or pyorrhea) has a few warning signs:

  • When your gums bleed regularly
  • If you have bad breath
  • If your gums are swollen (although you don't feel pain)
  • If you notice that your teeth are weaker than normal
  • If gums have a different color than had they were in the past

3. How is periodontitis diagnosed?

It is diagnosed with a clinical examination, including an x-ray and a microscopic examination of the subgingival plate. At Clínica Cotten, we have identified the bacterial and parasitic flora responsible for periodontitis. Microbiological analysis with microscopes determines what type of germs, parasites and/or bacteria must be treated.

The treatment aims to reduce the inflammation and fight against germs, parasites and bacteria that live under gums.

In the majority of cases surgery is not required and it’s only carried out for severe cases of periodontitis. As a general rule, treatment is non-invasive and painless and it doesn’t require the opening of the gingiva.

Success in treating periodontitis increases when it is detected and treated in time.

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Our patient started to lose teeth, had discomfort and was looking for a quick solution. He was frightened by the thought of being without teeth for a long time. He had been advised to solve the problem with a bone graft because the gums and bone had already begun the process of resorption; Your treatment could last approximately 2 years. He arrived at Clinica Cotten and we heard a solution in basal implantology. Know your opinion about Cotten Clinic.

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(Testimony in Catalan) This patient began with dental problems in childhood that were accentuated in adolescence until it resulted in gingivitis. Implants and a bridge were placed, but the process of resorption had already begun to retract his gums and bone, so the prosthesis moved and caused great insecurity. He started searching for information about us on the Internet and decided to visit us. Watch the video and get to know your Cotten Clinic experience.

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The patient reports a previous negative experience in which she came to a supposed "specialist in basal implantology". She confirms what happens to many other patients, despair leads us to rely on marketing. He also met us on the internet, but the experience is very different from the previous one. Find out why, knowing your opinion about Cotten Clinic.

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