Correct the position of your teeth and give you the best smile

INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics.

The best invisible alternative to dental appliances

Need do correct your crooked or spaced teeth? At Cotten Clinic we work with INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics, the best transparent alternative to braces and metal dental appliances.

Why INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics and not braces or metal alternatives?

We can list 3 main advantages to choosing INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics over other alternatives. The first is aesthetics; at Cotten Clinic we can align your teeth effectively with invisible orthodontics and obtain a transparent outcome. INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics is hardly noticeably by others, you can live a normal life without worrying about your appearance.

Another advantage to INVISALIGN invisible orthodontic is comfort. Do you have a wedding or special event and you don't want to wear dental braces? Would you like comfortable and thorough daily dental hygiene? INVISALIGN makes your wishes come true! You can remove your INVISALIGN aligners when you want without professional help. With fixed appliances this would be impossible.

At Cotten Clinic we bet on INVISALIGN for aesthetics and comfort, but also because it's a non-invasive treatment.

How do I know INVISALIGN invisible aesthetics is the best treatment for me?

Ortodoncia Invisalign Barcelona

It's simple... You'll see the outcome before beginning your treatment! We'll determine a monitoring plan for you and we'll show you a 3D simulation so that you can see how your teeth will move during the process, giving you a high precision preview of your final results.

As we monitor you, we can control any potential shifts and show you how the process is evolving.

What problems could INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics at Cotten Clinic correct?

La ortodoncia invisible INVISALIGN en Clínica Cotten corrige todo tipo de problemas dentales, ya sean pequeños desplazamientos o movimientos más pronunciados. Con este método lograremos alinear sus dientes y sonreirá más que nunca.

We can correct:

  • Underbites or overbites
  • Misalignment between mandible and maxilla that cause friction between the upper and lower teeth (crossbite)
  • Teeth spacing (oversized maxilla or mandible)
  • Teeth spacing (lack of space due to size of the maxilla or mandible)

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What patients say about us


Our patient started to lose teeth, had discomfort and was looking for a quick solution. He was frightened by the thought of being without teeth for a long time. He had been advised to solve the problem with a bone graft because the gums and bone had already begun the process of resorption; Your treatment could last approximately 2 years. He arrived at Clinica Cotten and we heard a solution in basal implantology. Know your opinion about Cotten Clinic.

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(Testimony in Catalan) This patient began with dental problems in childhood that were accentuated in adolescence until it resulted in gingivitis. Implants and a bridge were placed, but the process of resorption had already begun to retract his gums and bone, so the prosthesis moved and caused great insecurity. He started searching for information about us on the Internet and decided to visit us. Watch the video and get to know your Cotten Clinic experience.

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The patient reports a previous negative experience in which she came to a supposed "specialist in basal implantology". She confirms what happens to many other patients, despair leads us to rely on marketing. He also met us on the internet, but the experience is very different from the previous one. Find out why, knowing your opinion about Cotten Clinic.

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