Dental Implants can replace missing teeth, providing a fixed solution.


One of the consequences of tooth loss is a lack of bone stimulation leading to a gradual decrease in bone density.

1. I have trouble chewing and I’m ashamed to smile

Problem: Your dentition is completely damaged and it’s impossible to remake crowns because your teeth are in a very bad condition. You have problems eating and it also causes you psychological issues due to aesthetic and functional reasons.

Solution: You’ll enjoy your favorite dishes again and regain your smile. At Cotten Clinic we solve your problem by placing a fixed bridge over implants covered with zirconium crowns.

2. Aging mouth. I don’t want prosthetics or dental braces

Problem: Your teeth wear out and the bone that supports them has caused your chin to collapse resulting in a severely aging face. The solutions offered by others include dentures and unstable dental braces. You’re looking for a fixed denture that looks as natural as possible.

Solution: We’ll solve your problem with surgery and you’ll look aesthetically younger.

In this case at Cotten Clinic we place fixed braces on the upper or lower jaw, maintaining the original bone structure of your face and improving lip support to provide the most natural looking results possible. We’ll fit the prosthesis 2 or 3 days after implant placement.

3. My teeth are worn out

Problem: You have not been comfortable with yourself or with other people for a long time. Wear and tear of your old dentures, displaced roots and/or periodontal issues have all given way to serious aesthetic problems. You’re afraid that your dentures will fall out while you’re eating, talking or kissing your partner.

Solution: At Cotten Clinic we can help you with a fixed prosthesis over implants, a solution with which you can quickly regain your self-esteem.

4. I don’t want to be toothless

Problem: You have lost a lot of teeth and those which remain are very unstable and need to be extracted, but you don’t want to be without teeth until your fixed prosthesis can be fixed.

Solution: We promise you that this will not happen. You’ll have teeth until we can place the fixed teeth. We’ll extract the tooth and we will place the implants and transition bridge at the final intervention stage, usually 1 to 2 days depending on your level of wear and tear.

5. My face is different since I have been wearing braces

Problem: Someone advised you to attach a removable brace and this has led to a change to your facial structure (mainly your chin). You feel that people notice it.

Solution: We recover your face structure as you remember it by using a fixed prosthesis over implants that compensate the loss of height of the lower base of the face.

6. I want a fixed dental prosthesis. I hate removable dentures

Problem: You lost your teeth over 20 years ago. You’re tired of wearing removable prosthetics because it causes you insecurity, shame and instability; they are annoying and people always notice them, but someone told you that there’s no solution to your problem and that it is impossible to place implants in your mouth.

Solution: Others may tell you that there is nothing more that can be done, but, at Cotten Clinic we’re here to tell you that there is. We can fix your problem by placing a fixed prosthesis within 2-3 days after placed implants in the upper and lower jaw.

7. My teeth are unstable

Problem: Over the years my bone and gum have reduced, I don’t feel safe with my teeth constantly moving as I can’t get a firm grip on anything.

Solution: Forget about removable dentures! We bet for a fixed denture, we can do it! If there is insufficient bridge to place an artificial denture, we’ll opt for a fixed prosthesis over implants in your jawbone or jaw.

8. I need implants but others have told me that I do not have sufficient bone structure

Problem: You are determined to opt for implants, but someone told you that you do not have enough bone for cylindrical implant placement and that the only solution would be to place them with a bone graft.

Solution: We understand that this decision is complicated and difficult to accept. Fortunately with basal implantology implants we can avoid invasive techniques and obtain effectively results.

The system consists of placing implants in the upper and lower jaw without a bone graft, or sinus elevation and without moving the mandibular nerve.

9. I have been told that my jaw has extreme atrophy and it is impossible to graft or place implants

Problem: You have consulted your problem with one or more dentists and they have told that it is not possible to give you implants as your jaw has extreme atrophy. They do not offer alternatives and you’ve begun to lose hope.

Solution: Only Basal Implantology can provide you with a safe and reliable alternative solution to your problem and at Cotten Clinic we are here to help you.

In this situation our solution involves placing implants directly over the area of the jaw with extreme atrophy; within just two days we’ll screw the fixed prostheses over the implants.

10. I want to leave your clinic with teeth. I’m very concerned that I’ll be toothless until you can place a fixed prosthesis

Problem: You’re concerned about how long you’ll have to wait before we can place the fixed prosthesis. You have consulted many implantology dentists and their solutions require waiting several months before they proceed to place the fixed prosthesis. You don’t want to wait so long for your teeth; you’re worried about being toothless and unable to lead a normal life.

Solution: At Cotten Clinic we can place fixed prosthesis 2 days after surgery when you are missing all your maxilla or mandible teeth. We may even do it on the same day if you haven’t yet lost all your teeth.

Depending on the anatomical conditions of your mouth, we may extract teeth, and place the implants and fixed prosthesis in one session. All on the same day.


Ectodermal dysplasia solved with basal implantology

Ectodermal dysplasia or Christ-Siemens-Touraine syndrome is a genetic disorder that is manifested, amongst other symptoms, by the total or partial absence of teeth in children.

Abnormal teeth or lack of them in childhood leads to mandible atrophy and maxilla in adulthood, which is why it is important to solve the problem ASAP.

Basal implantology is the most suitable alternative to prevent atrophy; we’ll place dental implants over fixed prosthesis without a bone graft.

Down syndrome and basal implantology

Down syndrome, also known as trisomy 21 is a chromosomal disorder with negative impact on maxilla and mandible atrophy, which restricts and complicates the placement of dental implants in the patient.

Here you can see a very small upper jaw

and the lack of bone can be seen in the panoramic x-ray.

We can place a fixed prosthesis within two days after placement of the patient’s basal implants. The intervention does not require the use of bone grafts.

At Cotten Clinic we have treated a patient with Down syndrome. The result was successful and for the first time in her life, she does not use dentures; her quality of life has improved a great deal and she’s not afraid to lose her teeth whilst speaking or eating.

Von Recklinghausen’s disease (Elephant Man Syndrome)

Von Recklinghausen’s disease (Elephant Man) is a genetic disorder that causes extreme bone deformity, amongst other symptoms.

This extreme deformity has also been successfully treated with basal implantology.

The world’s second face transplant was performed on a young patient (27 years) who suffered from Von Recklinghausen’s disease (Elephant Man Syndrome); the intervention required complete maxilla-mandibular rehabilitation with dental implants and surgeons chose to proceed exclusively with basal implantology. The surgical outcome was highly satisfactory.

Teeth loss consequences

Imagine a person who remains in bed for six months without moving or someone who invests the same time working on a space station in a state of weightlessness. Do you think that next day they could walk normally? The answer is no, as their muscles and bones will be stunted from the lack activity.

This also happens with bones and facial muscles. If you do not exercise, they will eventually become atrophied. Tooth extraction without implant replacements causes bone loss due to an absence of bone stimulation.

At Cotten Clinic we have observed over many years how facial changes can occur as a consequence of using removable dentures; fixing basal implants that replace the natural root of the teeth helps to maintain the bone fixation.


WHAT PATIENTS SAY ABOUT US Our patient started to lose teeth, had discomfort and was looking for a quick solution. He was frightened by the thought of being without teeth for a long time. He had been advised to solve the problem with a bone graft because the gums and bone had already begun the process of resorption; Your treatment could last approximately 2 years. He arrived at Clinica Cotten and we heard a solution in basal implantology. Know your opinion about Cotten Clinic. Patient 1 View Testimonials WHAT PATIENTS SAY ABOUT US (Testimony in Catalan) This patient began with dental problems in childhood that were accentuated in adolescence until it resulted in gingivitis. Implants and a bridge were placed, but the process of resorption had already begun to retract his gums and bone, so the prosthesis moved and caused great insecurity. He started searching for information about us on the Internet and decided to visit us. Watch the video and get to know your Cotten Clinic experience. Patient 2 View Testimonials WHAT PATIENTS SAY ABOUT US The patient reports a previous negative experience in which she came to a supposed "specialist in basal implantology". She confirms what happens to many other patients, despair leads us to rely on marketing. He also met us on the internet, but the experience is very different from the previous one. Find out why, knowing your opinion about Cotten Clinic. Patient 3 View Testimonials

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