Dental Implants can replace missing teeth, providing a fixed solution.


What are the solutions in basal implantology? How could we help you?

An absence of teeth in the maxilla and (or) mandible causes movement in the other teeth and increases the risk of cavities and periodontal problems.

One of the consequences of tooth loss is a lack of bone stimulation leading to a gradual decrease in bone density; it can also cause other problems such as changes to the position of teeth in the maxilla or mandible and modifications to teeth close to toothless areas.

The instability produced by the displaced teeth could cause headaches, pain in the jaw joints, and muscular pain in neck, back and/or postural problems.

To prevent painful dental imbalance and its consequences, you need to replace missing teeth and recover the natural tooth structure.

Basal implantology treatments take much less time than other treatments. In most cases patients receive their fixed prosthesis within 3 days after surgery.

At Cotten Clinic we normally need a single surgery session to place implants after collecting analysis and studying the patient’s case. In the subsequent two days we test the dental implant structure and finally, on the third day, we fix the patient’s prosthesis.

A transition prosthesis with resin teeth is an advanced step for preparing your bone to support the new forces that it will receive through implants, so we often refer to it as an external fixed brace.

This process also allows us to determine the aesthetics of the gums and confirm their definitive shape before, several months later once correct chewing has been recovered, placing the final zirconium prostheses.

In cases where there are few implants or only one, it would be necessary to wait a few months before placing transition resin prostheses. In other cases, basal implantology needs to place provisional bridges (external fixative) composed of resin teeth 2 or 3 days after surgery.

Each case is unique and different and each patient must be treated as an individual, with prior in-depth analysis.

Patient will take this fixed bridge around 3 to 5 months before final prostheses fixation.

Prosthesis over implant aesthetics is unique and individual. Each patient has special problems and needs, for that reason a patient’s aesthetical priorities depth study is required as a previous and basic step before surgery. We define shapes, colours and so on.

At Cotten Clinic we focus on the results you want based on your bone morphology and structure. We’ll advise you on the best solution and present you with a simulation so you can visualize what the final outcome will be. Months later, when we place the final prosthesis, we can adapt the process if necessary in order to enhance final results

The human body accepts implants in most cases, whether dental or of any other body part. However, there’s always a risk that cannot be ignored.

Dental implant rejection is not common, but if it happens the surgeon will replace the implant with another one.

When a total reconstruction of the maxillary or jaw bone is needed, the bone placements for fitting the implants may be of poor quality. This is not a problem; our solution is to replace them if necessary; the new implant will benefit from the rest of implants as they will support movements and forces in the mouth. Don’t be afraid, it will not affect to final outcome.

Basal Implantology is not a marketing concept to attract patients; it’s a specialty field within Dental Implantology. The surgical procedure is serious and requires a surgical validation accredited by a degree in Basal Implantology. The technique also requires specific knowledge that can only be acquired through continuous learning and the experience accumulated over many years.

If you have decided to choose basal implants as a solution, be sure that you select a certified professional with the necessary experience (as with any professional service).

Basal Implantology involves surgery to bone areas affected by atrophy and most cases are often complex. As a result, implant placement doesn’t have the same requirements as conventional surgery.

Yes, maintenance is needed during the first 3 years, with check-ups every 6 months. After this period, the patient’s implants should be reviewed annually.

Maintenance should be practiced over these 3 years by implantologists specialized in Basal Implantology. In order to provide patients with all guarantees, only those with specific training and qualifications would be able to ensure correct follow up procedures.

We recommend that patients continue with their medical check-ups with basal implantology specialists after those first 3 years, although there’s the chance that your dentist may follow up based on advice from the basal specialist so that the best care and monitoring is provided.

In order to provide you with the most suitable treatment, your treatment at Cotten Clinic will be received from the same specialist throughout the entire process (from preoperative evaluation up to prosthesis placement and postoperative follow-up).

Only treatment performed by the same specialist could ensure in-depth knowledge of your particular case and, consequently, provide the best solutions

The jaw dental arcade is composed of 14 teeth (excluding wisdom teeth).

Teeth have one or more roots depending on their location and function; that’s why molars, responsible for exerting the most force during chewing, have 2 or more roots.

Teeth replacements with implants try to reproduce these natural factors. That’s why whilst an incisor or canine tooth requires placing a single implant; a molar could need two or even a specific implant able to support mastication force.

As a result of all these factors, and depending on each patient’s anatomic conditions, a jaw dental arcade with between 7 to 12 implants will be sturdier in the long term, much like when you had all your natural teeth.

The danger with implants is that you don’t have any proprioception, you’re not aware of the force you’re exerting. If you want implants it’s because, you have lost teeth, or you have mobile teeth, and it has resulted in a loss of muscle forces.

For a full edentolous jaw, it’s necessary to place many implants so that there is enough support for your fixed prosthesis.

If you don’t place enough implants, your prosthesis may not last, as you won’t be aware of the force you are exerting. There is no proprioception as with your own teeth. As the months and years go by, you forget you have implants, you chew as normal and your muscles get stronger. Just like when you had all your own teeth.

Too few implants won’t last in the long term. 14 teeth require over 20 roots to compensate the mastication forces in the jaw.




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